Where Storytelling Gets Strategic.

Language designed for people and for the algorithms.

Good storytelling is about understanding your audience.

And when it comes to your website’s audience, not all important visitors are human.

On top of trying to find the best–and fewest–non-technical words to capture your core essence, you’ve now got to master the perfect balance of conversational and keyword-friendly.

Hold that glass–having clear copy for your website is possible.

131% of consumers are more likely to choose a brand after reading their content…

which makes having good content pretty important then, no?

Every piece of content that your business produces, like landing pages, emails, and blog posts, is a new opportunity to delight and add value to your audience.

One of Natasha’s strong suits is making descriptions and paragraphs more personable, and she was perfect at helping us boost our sales and get our name out there.

Madison D., Linked Retail


Industries served, from SaaS and finance, to lifestyle bloggers.


Increase in conversion rate.


Years of writing content that’s both human- and search engine-friendly.

Natasha is hands down the best…at nailing tone, voice, and taking something and running with it.

Mallory Ervin

Ready to resonate with your digital audience?

About Natasha

I’m a writer that loves challenges.

I’m also passionate about finding new ways to tell old stories, breathing life into brands, and oat milk lattes.