I’ve worked with clients in digital marketing like Ignite Visibility, Linked Retail, and Cennos, in e-Tail with clients like Urban Outfitters and Target, and with digital sweethearts like Mallory Ervin. Don’t let my namedropping fool you — I enjoy working with brands big and small.




Draw your target audience to your website with carefully constructed long-form content written with SEO in mind. Designed to blend the top related keywords in your field in alongside with engaging, pertinent copy, articles are a great resource for your target audience.

White Papers

White Papers are a great form of downloadable content for lead generation. Whether you’re looking to be a thought leader or are looking to give your sales team the tangible asset they need to close the deal with high-value prospects, white papers confirm that your company is an expert in your field.

Case Studies

Show off your clients’ success (using your products and services) through an expertly crafted case study. Help show your prospective clients the end result and how they can succeed with your help.

Podcast & Video Repurposing

Diversify your company’s current content — if you find yourself with folders and folders of audio and video content, send them over to us and we’ll repurpose your videos into cohesive articles or email newsletters that will recapture your leads.


Ebooks are effortless at generating leads, establishing expertise, and creating paid products for your site.