Top 10 Commandments for Writers


Words aren’t easy. They may not flow. They may suck. There may be too many. Writers write: it’s in the very definition. Let’s come up with a set of rules to make it easier to generate the words in your stories:

  1. You shall not listen to your inner critic.
  2. You shall write first, edit later.
  3. Remember to keep learning, you shall join a writer’s group, take a class, or attend a conference.
  4. You shall make time to write every day.
  5. You shall send out submissions or self-publish.
  6. Honor thyself. No one writes quite like you.
  7. You shall try something new (experiment with a different genre or new literary devices).
  8. You shall have fun! Enjoy being a writer.
  9. You shall develop an author platform (social media, website, book trailers, blog, etc.).
  10. You shall set goals (hit a daily word count, submit your work, get published…).

Good luck!

Do you have any self-imposed writing rules? What are they?

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