Winding Down at Bath Time Takes More Than Just Bubbles

Originally published on here.

Doesn’t it seem like there was way more to do in the bath as a kid?

If you’re anything like me, sitting at a desk all day hurts my neck and back. I spend entire days dreaming of stepping into the bathtub and slipping away into calm, fragrant bliss but when I finally pour in epsom salts, I’m bored. Immediately. My record shortest bath? Three minutes. Which, apparently, is only 4 seconds longer than the record for world’s shortest bath. Anyway, I’m just glad that my current apartment doesn’t charge me for water.

I still want to like baths, though. I’ve tried to battle this bathtub ennui by watching movies on my tablet (from the top of the closed toilet seat), using bath bombs, reading a book — but the pages always get all wet and I can never drink water without dripping condensation all over the floor. The guiltiness of not working on anything always creeps up on me, as well — my husband calls it a symptom of being a workaholic. But I’m determined to make baths work for me.

My jaw dropped the first time I saw the Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy at Urban Outfitters. Its sustainable bamboo construction fits in with the motif of my minimalist-inspired, plant heavy apartment and remains modern with metal arms. The bamboo also resists mildew, so that’s perfect — especially since my apartment doesn’t have the best built-in ventilation (do they ever?). The metal arms are especially helpful, since they adjust to fit across any size bathtub, so I can take it with me when I move or go on longer trips.

​My absolute favorite part of the caddy (and what made me throw my money at it) is the fold-up book stand. I use it to watch Netflix — and check my e-mails — from my tablet. Toilet seat TV, no more! The feature that comes in close second is the wine glass holder. I love how easily the glass slides in and secures the stem, although I’ll admit that I don’t use this part of the caddy as much since everything else is so hands-free. There’s also a few spots to store razors, loofahs, and soap. I like using the built-in soap tray for a cup of cold water (the condensation just drips down so cleanly!).

The only difficult decision I had with this caddy was in deciding between the two different finish options: natural or dark brown. I ended up choosing the natural shade to warm up my space, but love how rich and sophisticated the darker shade looks.

Now, I’m currently on the lookout for some new bath bomb recipes, or for a new web series to watch, in a half-hearted attempt to prevent me from making this sleek tray caddy my new work desk and beating the current world record for longest time spent in a bath (it’s 449 hours, if you were wondering).

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