I’m Natasha
and I’m obsessed with storytelling.

There’s this quotation from a Chuck Palahniuk novel that’s wedged itself well in my memory — actually, maybe not that well as the below version is slightly garbled (sorry Chuck), but its sentiment reigns king:

“Everything is a self-portrait. A diary. Your whole drug history’s in a strand of your hair. Your fingernails. The wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. Your handwriting. Which china pattern you choose. It’s all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand.”

You should know that I consider copywriting to be a self-portrait, especially for businesses like yours. Every post, your landing page copy — any text from your business is an opportunity to convert a new customer.

I understand how difficult and time-consuming it is for business owners to step away from their specialties to sit down and write content that effectively converts
(mostly because I was a creative director at a start-up before making the switch to full-time copywriting).

In short, I help businesses capture their brands so they can focus on growing their customer base.

Let’s tell your story.